Breakfast that values the day and gives strength to move mountains. Rich breakfast is made by us from fresh produce.

Start your day with Frost 'a la carte breakfast that values fresh produce and the day that is about to start.

The selection includes egg dishes from genuine chicken eggs – pan-fried omelette, scrambled eggs and fried eggs with bacon. Delicious crepes with homemade jam for a sweet morning bite. Also a basket with ciabatta, croissants and bread directly from the oven in the early morning. Aromatic and creamy machine coffee, tea and orange juice to accompany your breakfast.*

Ask more from your attendant!


The breakfast is served in restaurant Mon Ami every day from 9 – 11 AM. Please reserve places in advance as the number of places is limited.

Kuninga 11 Pärnu
Please book in advance:

Phone: +372 5303 0424