Attractions near the hotel

Where to go and what to do in Pärnu

Frost Boutique Hotel in Pärnu is located right in the centre of the cultural life of Pärnu.



Theatre Endla

Theatre Endla is located just a 2-minute walk away from the hotel. Endla offers theatre lovers a diverse repertoire from drama to musical plays and from classics to modern dramas. The repertoire includes at least 20 productions in a year; the theatre has a café and an art gallery, and it is a place for various movies and jazz club concerts.

Pärnu Concert Hall

Pärnu Concert Hall that was completed in 2002 has an important place in the city’s cultural life. The café, music school and music shop located in the building attract visitors during the whole day. Pärnu Concert Hall hosts various events: from chamber music concerts to the serial music performances and from science conferences to banquets.
Pärnu Concert Hall located only 7 minutes (600 m) walking distance from Frost Boutique Hotel in Pärnu, Estonia.

Pärnu Kontserdimaja

Maarja-Magdaleena Gild

Maarja-Magdaleena Gild located on the neighbouring street of Frost Boutique Hotel, 3 minutes (270 m) walking distance. The gild represents the great Estonian applied art and handicraft made with heart. This is the place where you can buy and order the works of the recognised craftsmen and see with your own eyes how the products are made.

Maarja Magdaleena Gild

Rüütli street – pedestrian street of Pärnu

The pedestrian street of Pärnu - Rüütli street is the neighbour street of our hotel, where is less than 150 meters distance.
There are several clothes, handcraft and book stores on Rüütli street. Also most restaurants and cafes in Pärnu are located on the pedestrian street or on streets nearby. Also 3 city centre nightclubs are located nearby Rüütli street.

Rüütli Tänav Pärnus

Shopping in Pärnu

In addition to small shops and boutiques on Rüütli Street, there are also 2 shopping centres in Pärnu city centre: Pärnu Keskus and Port Artur store. There are variety of different brand shops in Pärnu Keskus, eco store, small cafes and anonly cinema in Pärnu - Apollo Cinema.
Port Artur store hosts a biggest grocerie in the city centre and smaller glothes, home  and electronic, etc stores.
Both shopping centres located only 10 minutes (800 m) walking distance from Frost Boutique Hotel in Pärnu.

Pärnu Keskus

Tennis in Pärnu

Pärnu Kesklinna Tenniseklubi (Pärnu Town Centre Tennis Club) located only 400 meters (5 minutes) walking distance from Frost Boutique Hotel. The four clay courts of the Pärnu Town Centre Tennis Club are located in the historical centre of Pärnu. Parks and lime alleys protect the courts from wind. The balcony of the clubhouse offers great views of all courts. The club has a café, where you can also hire tennis equipment.

Pärnu Kesklinna tenniseklubi

Golf in Pärnu

White Beach Golf, the only 18-hole golf course in the county, is located near Valgerand (White Beach), the most beautiful beach by Pärnu Bay and the Villa Andropoff Holiday & Conference Centre.
The links-type course is perfect for beginners. The practice course is open for everyone, but you have to pass basic golf training (green card) to play on the 18-hole course. 

Pärnu Valgeranna Golf

Kino Pärnus

2014. aastal avatud Apollo Kino asub Pärnu südalinnas kõige uuemas Pärnu Keskuses. Pärnu Kino on vaieldamatult selle keskuse ja Pärnu linna populaarseim ajaveetmise koht ehk maja süda ning seda aastaringselt.

Apollo Kino asub Frost Boutique Hotellist 10 minutilise (800 m) jalutuskäigu kaugusel.

Apollo Kino Pärnus Allikas: Maalehe blogi

Ööklubi Sugar

Pärnu kesklinna üks populaarsemaid öökubisid, Sugar Club asub Frost Boutique Hotelli vahetus läheduses. Ööklubini on hotellist jalutada ca 50 meetrit. Lisaks tantsusaalile on ööklubil suveterrass mis on sooja suveõhtu kokteilideks avatud juba õhtu kella 22:00-st, nädalavahetuseti alates 21:00-st. 

Club Sugar