Pamper your body with love and relaxation – you are worth it.

Frost Boutique hotel relaxation area is a cosy oasis right in the heart of Pärnu where you can relax your body and mind.

There are two saunas on the area – the classical Finnish sauna with hot and dry air (90 C) and the steam sauna with high humidity (45 C). Only in Frost hotel it is possible to enjoy the relaxing effect of shungite stones and cool yourself in chlorine-free pool water. The pool depth is 130 cm, water is 29 C.

Up to 15 people are allowed on the relaxation area at a time to ensure that the guests have enough space and rest from the everyday life. The area is, above all, open for the hotel guests but we also provide service to the citizens and groups.

The relaxation area is free from the strong and pungent smell of chlorine. Pool water is cleaned with salt which is natural and soft for the skin. Water cleaned with salt is safe for your health and complies with the norms and requirements established by the Estonian authorities.

There are 10 lockers on the area where you can conveniently leave your clothes. Our guests can use the towels and hairdryers.

Duration of visit to the relaxation area is 2 hours (per one night stay).


Tue - Thu 13:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat 10:00 - 22:00
Sun 10:00 - 16:00

Last entry is two hours before closing.

* Children from 0 - 7 years of age are welcome with an adult until 17:00 (until 16:00 on Sunday)
* The fee for visit to the relaxation area is 35 € (includes 2 h visit and use of the towels) for the guests not staying in the hotel.
* Before your visit to the relaxation area please get acquainted with the internal rules HERE
* Please book your visit to the relaxation area in advance.
* Entrance to the relaxation area is subject to a fee, the fee does not apply to hotel guests if the entrance is included in the price of the corresponding accommodation package.
*Reservations made through Booking.com do not include access to the relaxation area.


Frost relaxation area is made special by the shungite stone. The black and lustrous stone can be noticed at the pool and in the sauna. Shungite is a natural mineral which main component is carbon. The geological age of the stone is over 2 billion years. Shungite is particularly special and exciting due to the fact that the stone can be found only in one place in the world – in Karelia, in the northern part of Lake Onega with one of the purest waters in the world. Shungite is a valuable mineral due to its purifying properties. Shungite purifies the water from virtually all organic substances. For many years shungite filters have been made and the water which has run through it is exceptionally clear, fresh and pure. Purified water is used for drinking and also in cooking. We have provided jugs with shungite water for the guests so that you could have a taste yourself and cool down from the heat of the sauna. Shungite is also used for making soap. Black soap may at first seem unusual but after making it wet the soap will foam pleasantly, remove impurities from the body and leave the skin clean, silky and soft. The special soap can also be purchased from our hotel. Shungite is a natural stone to which several healing properties are attributed, it contains carbon with a crystal structure organised in a specific manner. Whether it is the healing effect of shungite, flowing of the pool water, relaxation from the heat of the sauna or taking a break from the everyday hectic life for a while – it is important that you feel relaxed and fresh after the sauna rituals. You are welcome to relax in the oasis in the city centre!.



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Pärnu 80011

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