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Our boutique hotel offers sustainable holidays with all the comforts and services you would expect from premium hotels. We respect the principles of sustainable entrepreneurship. This is the reason we have established a hotel which promotes sustainable lifestyle but still offers a luxurious customer experience.

We believe that sustainability is not limited to the environment, hotel premises or its employees but is also applicable for our guests. Therefore, to reduce our ecological footprint, we have implemented several principles of sustainability.


Reduction of waste generation is an essential step in contributing to a more sustainable life and entrepreneurship. Even small steps in waste generation and the reduction of disposable plastic containers helps to maintain the environment.

We have replaced small disposable toiletry containers with big ones. This results in smaller amount of waste, reduces the production of plastic but maintains the comfort of our guests when using the products.
We recycle and reuse as much as possible.

Reduction of waste generation is important, however, sorting the generated waste is another essential step in protecting the environment. We sort and dispose different types of waste, contributing to recycling and reuse.


We have installed solar panels as the energy source for our new relaxation area, which are used to produce electricity, illuminate the premises, heat the pool and saunas of the relaxation area.

We implement sustainability in multiple ways. We clean the hotel premises with cleaning products with biodegradable ingredients, which are as little burdening to the environment as possible, as the results are achieved with already a very small amount of cleaning agent. Biodegradable products are not a burden to the nature and are safer and skin-friendlier to both our employees and guests.


Greenhouse gases can be reduced by taking such simple steps as buying raw materials from local organic merchants. Breakfast is an important meal for our guests and for us it is important to offer delicious, rich in taste and organic breakfast. Our breakfast eggs come from an organic egg farm in Pärnu County, and the jam served with the breakfast pancakes is made in-house from organic apples.


Our hotel is often visited by guests from distant countries who are driving electric vehicles. To help to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, we have installed a charging station for electric cars to the hotel yard.

From how we heat and clean our rooms to how we source our food ingredients, you will find the services of Frost Boutique Hotel to be as sustainable as possible – a way how a sustainable business cares for the planet.

Welcome to Frost Boutique Hotel!

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